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Necessary Details

Name: Shraddha aka
Hometown: Gorakhpur (UP), India
Residence: New Delhi, India

Raised in the popular city of Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, India, Shraddha has always dreamed simple and been practical. Having spent most of her adult years outside of her hometown, she currently, resides in New Delhi with her husband and a loving family. As an entrepreneur and wife of an entrepreneur, she juggles between her regular personal life and the very irregular professional life, making them very interesting and happening together. ​

After having started the Lifestyle blog Sanshine with her husband, the entrepreneurial bug bit her and she is now the Founder of  Sanshine Essentials. Her immense love for the camera and confidence to smile for it comes with the blessing of being able to model for the products she really loves. She prefers working with brands that she herself believes in. 

She has been featured on the cover of the Femina Magazine (November Edition, 2019) as a Blockbuster Bride, winning from a lot of over 12000 contestants. She now hopes for many more such features.


Shraddha is very professional in her approach and devotes a hundred percent of her time to the shoot. She is the least distracted and very involved with the process, making sure that her shots do justice to the products. I have been indeed lucky to find such a professional for Petorose.

- Somya Goel Jain, Founder @ Petorose

It was a pleasure photo-shooting with Shraddha. As a photographer, what you expect from the model is to understand what the photographer needs and reflect it in your body language, she was able to pick it up quickly. I'd want to recommend her to more of my clients.

- Kshetej Sareen, Photographer


and they said...

Shraddha is so much fun to work with.

Presets of the process.

Love for Ethnic

Natural & Organic

Selective & Stylish

Ashina Chharia

Founder, Vintage Loom

Somya Goel Jain

Founder, Petorose

Aise Log

[Such People]

Kshetej Sareen


Shraddha is an Indian Model, an Entrepreneur and a Lifestyle Youtuber.